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Event Rules

  • You must complete the registration process to take part in the Event as advised by the Organiser. The ‘Event Pass’ given to you at this time has to be worn at all times whilst on the Event and is required at Rest Stops to access the Event food and drink facilities.
  • Throughout the Event you must clearly display the Event Number that will be handed to you in your departure pack at registration.
  • You must check in to each rest stop throughout the Challenge using the timing system provided by the event organiser. Any equipment given to the participant in relation to the timing system must be returned to the organiser after the event unless otherwise specified.
  • You must wear at least one piece of  hi-viz material as well as the glow stick given to you by the event organiser during hours of darkness.
  • The following kit items are mandatory for all participants – mobile phone (fully charged), a head torch (and spare batteries), personal first-aid kit, drinks carrier/bottle.
  • All Participants must carry with them the route map provided.
  • All participants must ensure they are adequately hydrated, fed and rested before commencing any stage of the Event and report any concerns to an Event medic or Event staff. If, in the opinion of an Event medic a participant is considered unfit to complete the next stage, or further stages, that participant will be excluded as necessary.
  • Participants must stick to the designated route which will be well signed and route maps will be available.
  • Participants must obey the Highway Code when walking on roads during the Event (CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS).
  • Participants must observe the Countryside Code at all times whilst on the Event (CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS). No litter should be dropped anywhere on the route.
  • All participants must check-in at all official Rest Stops and Finish as advised by the Organiser. DO NOT RUN/WALK PAST THE STOP WITHOUT CHECKING IN.
  • Participants that have signed up as a ‘Team’ must endeavour to undertake the entire Event as a ‘Team’.
  • Participants that have signed up as Individuals should endeavour to walk / run with others.
  • All Participants that drop out of the Event must adopt the specified procedures for dropouts.
  • Participants should not walk /run on their own during the hours of darkness unless it is unavoidable.
  • Whilst on the Event, participants must adhere to instructions given out by Event staff.
  • The Event Organiser reserves the right to operate a 33 hour ‘cut off time’ for all Participants attempting to complete the Event.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to remove a Participant from the Event in response to inappropriate behaviour, including any actions which may, in the opinion of the Organiser, endanger other Participants, Event staff or third parties, or bring the Event into disrepute.

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