Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning: The Safer Approach Towards Pets Oral Health

Oral health is a very important aspect that plays a key role in determining the future of overall health. The mouth is the first encounter for food and most of the other foreign particles entering the body. A healthy mouth provides health benefits for the overall immune system. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper oral health in humans and the pets they nourish in their homes. A pet with a bad oral condition can become the root of many developing diseases and bacteria which can lead to severe health issues for both the pet and the owner and their family. When going for a teeth cleaning procedure for their pets, the most common thought in people is their safety. Non-anesthetic teeth cleaning is the safest approach for oral cleaning procedures in pets.

Why Non-Anesthetic

Like humans, pets are also prone to different medical conditions in their lifetime. These medical conditions won’t allow any sedative or anesthetic procedure on the pet. Performing anesthetic procedures on pets suffering from medical conditions such as heart problems that are sensitive to anesthetics can prove severely dangerous. Non-anesthetic teeth cleaning procedure is performed on such pets to terminate the oral health problems without causing any damage or alteration to their physical health. Experts of this field undergo continuous training and assessments to gain the required perfection of performing the procedures without causing any harm or discomfort to the pets.


This procedure is the safest possible approach for the oral examination and cleaning of pets. An anesthetic procedure involves the use of sedative agents which interfere with the bodily functions of pets. Unlike the above procedure, non-anesthetic is a method that does not require any invasion and is completely safe. Blunt edge instruments specially designed to cater to different pet requirements are used in this cleaning procedure. These tools scrape off the plague and other contaminants on the teeth and gums. This procedure is done with utmost care so that the pet feels minimal discomfort.