Animal Party Games for the Kids

The young priest loves animals but cannot decide which animals to present at his party? If so, this costume could be a blessing as it includes party supplies from animals from all over the world.

Kangaroo Jump: Kangaroo jumping will be very entertaining for children of all ages as they jump and jump like a kangaroo while holding tennis balls between their knees. Party guests poured in equal teams. Create a starting line with a few obstacles along the way. During the movement, the first player on each team must jump like a kangaroo around obstacles and back. Then the first players hand the tennis ball to their teammates and repeat it. The winning team is the first to complete the Kangaroo Jump Obstacle Course. If players drop tennis balls while in motion, they must return to the start of the race.

River Crossing – This game is played with different types of boards placed on cinder blocks or other items to create a bridge that guests can cross while playing. The objective of the game is to cross the river and avoid all the scary creatures in the river like snakes, insects and crocodiles that are always looking for their next victim.

Trace Tiger – This game is played by placing severed tiger footprints around the party room. Cut and stick orange tiger footprints under tables, bookshelves, walls, and other areas of footprints. The winning player is the one who reaches the end of the tracks first. At the end of the tracks, place a party favor reward, such as gift bags.

Polar bear race. Cut five large shapes from blue or white cardboard about 2-3 feet in diameter. Divide the guests into two teams. The objective of the game is to use only the five icebergs to move from one end of the party area to the other. Players must take the five pieces and move their team by having everyone stand together on the pieces, take the back piece to move it forward and so on. To make this game more challenging and fun, place clams around the party area for the kids to surround them.

Monkey in the middle. Use a kids’ ball to throw each other while one of the kids stays in the middle. The child in the middle should try to catch the ball when throwing it. If the ball is caught, the player who threw it becomes the monkey in the middle. Another option is to use a banana instead of a scoop.

These printable animal and activity party played in nccr-nano supplies are fun games kids will enjoy playing with. Make party games simple and give special gifts to all winners.