Telugu movies based on farmers struggle

It has been almost a year since theatres across India are closed because of the pandemic. There is a ton of tension in the film industry over losses worth crores and about what’s to come. But thanks to

OTT platforms come to the rescue. This has incited makers to look towards OTT platforms for the direct-to-digital movie releases.

Many new Telegu motion pictures picked an OTT platform like AHA to deliver their movies over sitting tight for ‘normalcy’ to continue. A direct OTT release takes Telegu films worldwide in a split second to each AHA market. It implies more eyeballs, more crowd interest, and in the end, more investment in the homegrown entertainment world.

Thusly, you can enjoy watching Telugu Movies online on OTT platforms. The wide pack of amazing films and series content on Aha makes it a fantastic OTT choice for the entire family. Johaar is also streaming on Aha.

About the Movie 

The film has five distinct stories. A youthful CM (Krishna Chaitanya) wants to build a huge sculpture for his late father to get public sympathy. There is a young athlete (Naina Ganguly), a poor farmer (Eeswari Rao), a young girl (Esther), and an older man (Subhalekha Sudhakar) who runs a shelter and their life gets affected because of the political agendas. The rest of the movie frames how their lives get affected because of politics. One of the plus points about this movie is that it reflects the characters’ emotions very well that it seems real.

The four stories and their emotions are pleasantly connected until the end of the story.

Now come to the technical part, director Teja Marni has done amazing work. He extracts strong performances from his cast. The songs pleasantly fit into the movie, and the dialogues are delivered well. The film’s production design is astonishing, and the film has an extremely calm and mitigating impact on the crowd because of camerawork and BGM. The director’s concept of displaying his message of how the public authority should help general society and not themselves has pleasantly been set into the story.

Naina Ganguly is the surprise package in this movie. She has done a great job with her body language, dialogues, or acting skills. Also, this film has superb camerawork. The locations picked are authentic, and the system set by the director is on point.

Bottom Line

Overall, Johaar is an emotional drama film that has an eminent reason. It is an immediate parody of different ideological groups concerning how they overlook public government assistance and think about their personal agendas. This concept has pleasantly been set through different stories in the film. Notwithstanding the slow speed and somewhat unsurprising second half of the film, this film is a must-watch for its great message and strong exhibitions. So don’t hold yourself back at home from getting entertained. Take aha Subscription and start watching Telugu movies online like Johaar.