digital marketing


If you have created a good list and you have only collected addresses of people interested in your products-services, you are already well underway but you need to understand one thing:

when a person leaves you their email address they are trusting you, they are giving you something precious that they don’t like to give to everyone. You must be careful not to betray this trust and be faithful to the pact you have made with your users mailing lists in Rockville.

Did you ask for an address in exchange for a guide, useful information? You have to go back to your supporters only to give useful information and with true value (every single time you contact them), you have to give your users a real reason to continue following you, opening and reading your emails.

Above all, you need to take advantage of the very first emails to “really” bring people closer to your world. Use the first emails to inform new subscribers (who have come to your site, have downloaded the ebook and know nothing about you, your site and your content or your products-services) that you have exclusive content for them , lead them by the hand through your articles, talk to them about yourself and make them understand who you are and why they should follow you, what benefits they could derive from it. Don’t think about selling, talk about the brand, tell stories, be human.

Only in this way can you earn their esteem and bring in their mind as an expert and a person-brand to trust.

Losing a user’s trust and setting yourself up in their mind as a nuisance is much easier than getting them to give you their address and it’s the most damaging thing you can do for your brand. Email marketing if done incorrectly can be a real boomerang!

Don’t think about being smart, don’t think that once you receive email addresses you can send offers blindly hoping that someone will buy , doing email marketing is not that! People will spam you, associate you with a negative emotion and you will have a nice empty and useless list, as well as a good image damage.

So, grab a nice service with autoresponders, set up a nice subscriber funnel, and analyze the results to refine every detail.